Warm greetings from Creative Kabira

Our ability to learn, like our ability to breathe, does not need to be improved or tampered with. It is utter nonsense, not to mention deeply insulting, to say that people need to be taught how to learn or how to think. We are born knowing how to do these things  –  Aaron Falbel

Core Value : 

We at Creative Kabira believe that every person is born creative and is capable of designing his/her own learning.

Once Ali was returning home with his grandmother at night. As he was using his torch to show his grandmother the way, he could not see a pit himself and fell into it.

Ali’s big idea :   To have another bulb below the main bulb of the torch so that light is available near the feet of user and also for people following the user.

Kabira is an Arabic word which means ‘Noble or great’. The challenge in our daily lives is to unleash, sustain and manifest that creativity as we grow up.

Our Vision : 

Our vision is for every person to have a positive self belief and do a greater good to the community. We want to help people unlock and sustain their creative potential and help them be more confident in manifesting their dreams.

Our Mission : 

Develop a mindset of creative confidence in children to help them become tomorrow’s leaders. This will help them have required attitude and skills to boldly confront complex challenges.


We are an organization into Learning, Training & Development and work in the five domains of awareness, creativity, confidence & happiness. We conduct workshops, trainings, presentations, seminars and outbound programmes for children, adults, parents and teachers.

We work on our content, methods and execution by gaining insights into diverse domains like psychology, experiential learning, education philosophies, Neuro-linguistic Programming, facilitation etc.


Methodologies Used:

Discussions, case studies, videos, Role Plays, Presentation, Games, Exercises, demonstration, stories, mind mapping etc.


As a result of giving such trainings and experiences to children along with teachers and parents there would be a shift in the attitudes from : 

  1. Helplessness to empowerment.

  2. Right answers to curiosity

  3. Textbook bound to reality based

  4. Self-Centered to collaboration

  5. Head-based learning to experiential learning

  6. Problems to Opportunities

  7. Resisting failures to overcoming failures


Creative Kabira is an organisation which is facilitating young people in their journey of creative confidence. It conducts talks, training, workshops and seminars to help them be more aware, expressive, creative, confident, self-directed and happy.In the times of rising competition and anxiety it important that we prepare our children holistically and give them good support to make career and relationship decisions of their choice.

Our current offerings are as follows-

1) Talks, training, workshops and seminars at Educational Institutes

As educational institutes take a stand for their students to have a vibrant and progressive life ahead we want to partner with them in their commitment. We have created our special offering for educational institutes so that teenagers can develop themselves holistically within the institute itself.

2) Kabira Konnect (Open sessions for general public)

Kabira Konnect is an initiative started by team Creative Kabira to generate diverse talks, discussions, workshops and community events for people. These sessions are for both young as well as adults and will impact them in taking charge of they lives, being creative, having a good community support and ‘being on the go’ always. We will be picking up different aspect of life such as personal growth, social relationship like family & friends, health & well-being, romantic relationships, academics & results Etc.

3) Coaching Sessions (One to one Coaching sessions for people 24 and below)

This offering is for young people who need focused help in some of the areas of life they feel challenged in.

Following are the links to the respective forms which will help you connect with us in respect of any of these services.

1) Kabira Konnect Session Registration (Kabira Konnect is a series of sessions conducted outside educational institutes. People 11 and above years of age are invited to be a part of it)

2)  If you want to lead a session with us in Kabira Konnect Series then this form is for you

3)If you are an educational institution who wants to partner with us, please use the following form

4) If you align with our vision and want to volunteer or intern with us, please use the following form

5)If you align with our vision and want to sponsor spaces for our sessions to be conducted, please use the following form

6) If you are below 24 years of age and want to be coached with us on a one to one basis , please fill in the following form.

Why Us

1. We work on 360 degree perspective and conduct trainings with children, teachers and parents to unleash creative confidence in children. 

2 . We develop content by gaining insights into diverse domains like psychology, experiential learning, education philosophies, Neuro-linguistic Programming, facilitation etc. 

3. We are focused towards being facilitators in the process and use methods like videos, role plays, games, exercises, stories, experiential, mind mapping etc. to create greater involvement and impact. 

4. We believe that any training developed should suit the needs of the beneficiaries so we try to match ourselves to the needs on a constant basis by customizing our content to the needs of the beneficiaries.




Creative Kabira is the manifestation of a great thought where entire human race elevates consciously into higher spectrum of life. The sooner the better, we must bring our kids to such amazing platform where they’ve the opportunity to learn and see through the things naturally without our biased directions. Given assignments help a kid to be one with the true self creatively instead of quietly getting moulded into legacy skeleton of our education system. This is surely going to help a kid in becoming a successful and content person in life and of course, a better human being! God Bless CK and all Kids!

Sandeep Singh Team Lead@Avaya Inc

Creative Kabira has come out with the perfect concept and they rightly messaged to feel the environment, to come out with your strength and be happy in life. Workshop was very useful and I would say Cheers!

A Parent in a workshop on Creative Confidence

I really enjoyed this workshop I learned to express our ideas. I would definitely like to attend the workshop again.

8 year old student

In my career spanning over two decades, I have come across many L&D programs, books which impacted me and created a major shift in my thinking and added to my holistic success. Processing all these new ways of thinking and life practices, one thing that stood out very clearly for me was how each of these connect you back to your core Self, which is limitless and pure. What struck me and most of the participants was the unanimous thought: Wish I/we had learnt about this life changing ideology/process a decade or two earlier, it would have helped me shape my life quite differently.

Sonia Uttamchandani, worked at SKF

Sonia Uttamchandani, worked at SKF

I think the current education system, primarily schools do not cater to nurturing creativity, at least not enough. As a child I was very shy and my inability to ‘mix’ with the other kids only served to diminish my confidence further. I really was not a confident child. The school set-up did not have any activities that promoted collective/team activities that could out bring out collaborative skills in children, neither did it lay any emphasis on promoting any creativity or out of the box thinking of any form. The education system lay emphasis simply on following certain rules and conform to a system thereby killing the very spirit of creativity. Now as a working professional and one with some success, I am quite confident and equipped to deal with vagaries of life, but it took me years to un-learn the habit of simply conforming to the system, developing a herd mentality, which our schooling system deeply inculcates in us. I honestly believe if the right kind of environment is to be provided to a child that caters and encourages to the child’s creativity, the child will be a more enterprising and social human being, living a life close to his or her potential and thereby being in a position to also serve society better

Mahesh Iyer- Cyclist at Pune Wolfpack and Project Manager at Persistent

Mahesh Iyer- Cyclist at Pune Wolfpack and Project Manager at Persistent
It was different than the regular class where the teacher speaks and the kids listen. It was more interactive hence the kids were more alert and hence engaged.
At times when we teach we follow the method where the teachers speaks continuously without taking into consideration the interest of the kid or also not  considering if they are absorbing things. So some might lose attention in middle of class and get distracted. At times at the end of class kids are clueless what the teachers taught.However in your workshop every body was alert and active.
Reasons being : –
1. It was a group activity where everybody was to participate
2. It didn’t involve sitting but role play, body movements, dialogue delivery so they did much more than just listening . It involved their other senses- making it two way communication than one way
3. It makes them feel worthy- their opinion their thoughts are given importance they are heard
4 A lot of brainstorming is allowed and ideas are accepted!
5 Execution part is feasible and rational since things are made from daily available ale inexpensive things
6 Their projects were realistic
7 Makes them solution oriented critical thinkers

Riddhi Patel, Founder of the NGO Shwas

Riddhi Patel, Founder of the NGO Shwas


Anuja Agarwal

Anuja Agarwal

Founder and Visionary

Anuja is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has been an all India merit ranker in her CA examinations. She loves listening to  music and singing as well. To pursue her interests further she has undertaken learning Hindustani Classical music. She also loves running and being with nature.

After getting in touch with a number of education re-thinkers, un-schoolers, people adopting alternative styles of living and working with Riverside school in ahmedabad, she decided to work in education. Her own life experiences taught her the importance of creative self efficacy. She is the founder and visionary at creative kabira.

Do take out time to get in touch with her.

Yogesh Barot

Yogesh Barot

Associate Drama (Activities) Team Member

Yogesh is a combination of empathy, energy and creativity. He believes in doing things with a difference. His varied experience and interests confirms the same. He has a Master’s Degree in HRM & LR from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and is a Bachelors from Institute of Chemical Technology (UDCT). He along with his team has been able to bring unison between dramatics and HR. The group expertise in using drama for learning and development. They have been able to deliver different communication policies for organization like Raymond, Ceat Tyres, HT media group to name a few.

He along with his group (Chaavat boys) has been able to revolutionize the world of facilitating workshops. Due to which they have occupied a niche space in the corporate entertainment and training domain using lyrical interpretation of songs, parody making and triggering innovation and team building.

Yogesh is a serious campaigner when it comes to Human Resource, he has worked with Hindustan Times, then he got into E-commerce domain, and Insurance domain, post that he started following his passion and became Entertainer. 

He loves connecting with people and writing humour stuff and can be seen doing his stand up comedy and improve activities at famous places in mumbai.

Pushkar Khair

Pushkar Khair

Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner(NLP)

Dr. Pushkar Khair is consulting Physician and a certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and Psychotherapist. He completed his medical graduation  ( M.B.B.S ) from the University of Pune and further went on to complete his post-graduation in Internal Medicine with the Indian National Board of Examinations ( NBE -New Delhi). Being in medical practice for more than 14 years, he got the opportunity to interact and deal with people from a wide range of professions and backgrounds. What exactly keeps a person happy in his or her profession was always a curiosity in his mind. As a matter of passion he trained himself in Neuro- Linguistic Programming with David John Lincoln and Sushil Mehrotra. This opened a magic box of possibilities in communication with people. He went on to focus on a core area of NLP called the Meta Programs. He studied Rodger Bailey and Shelle Rose for mastering the process of Language and Behavior Profiling of individuals. He has defined his purpose of life to create an awareness within people about themselves. To help them objectively understand how they are behaviorally designed. To help them model excellence within themselves. To help them to make choices and further more make those choices right!

Kishor Jagirdar

Kishor Jagirdar


A Writer, Poet, Painter, Environmentalist, Philanthropist, Serial Entrepreneur, Change Evangelist, Innovator, Visionary, Strategic Thinker, Life Coach & Group facilitator. He has been assisting Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) with holistic approach to develop enterprises specialized in Change Management as a mentor and coach.

He has been working with the collaboration models to develop sustainability, alternate livelihood, revitalization of Traditional Practices in villages with the farming communities , Social Entrepreneurship, Energy, Resource Conservation as well as Primary Healthcare Management (PHM) using telemedicine and digitalization. 

Neeraj Sonalkar

Neeraj Sonalkar


Dr. Neeraj Sonalkar is a coach at VentureStudio. He is involved in Creative Kabira as an advisor on curriculum design and venture development. His background as a researcher at the Center for Design Research at Stanford University has exposed him to design thinking practice, teaching and research. Neeraj is interested in helping design tools and methods to let children develop their creative self-efficacy.

Milind Kher

Milind Kher

Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner(NLP)

Milind is neuro linguistic practitioner (NLP) by profession and have more than 30 years of work experience. He has trained across domains like pharmaceuticals, FMCG, jewellery, education and trained across wide spectrum of interventions. He has worked with largest FMCG company (ITC Ltd) and largest studded jewelry exporter (Tara Jewels Ltd).

He is an expert on emotional intelligence, is a doubly qualified NLP practitioner, ICF certified life coach and adept trainer in all aspects of the human mind and human relationships.

Richa Yadav

Video Editor

Passionate to update my knowledge and skills through continuous self-learning. Originally from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Did graduation in Fashion Design from NIFT, Gandhinagar. Worked as a fashion Designer in export house in Delhi for a year. Currently pursuing masters in Film and Video Communication from National Institute of Design. She loves to travel, listen, know new people and reading hindi satirical novels.

Siddhi Kadam


Specializing in psychology, B.A. at S.N.D.T. women’s university. Born and brought up in pune. Siddhi loves interacting and connecting with new people. She is passionate about travelling, exploring new places and personalities.


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